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Let's Do This

Let's Do This


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Two Ways To Work Together

How Can I   Help YOU?

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VIP Mentorship For High-Powered Women Wh
gorgeous Laptop & Flower Female Business
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The only Coaching & Mentorship Experience you need to build a better business for your best life! So you can have all the freedoms: More Impact. More Time. More Travel. More Money. More Joy! It’s all possible for you.... and more!


 If you're ready to transition from Employee to Boss or Solopreneur to Empire, this is the coaching experience to transform your business (and your life!)

Need help in a specific area of your business? We'll deep dive your unique business challenges, You'll walk-away knowing exactly what you need to do next to take your business to the next level. And your intensive will be spilt into 4 sessions so you can say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to being fully supported over 4 weeks. Which means you can execute like a B.O.S.S.


Topics include: Business Blueprint, Content Mastery, & Sales Mastery. Or any custom topic of your choice! 

You don't need to be PERFECT.​

You just need to START.

Do you want to wake up giddy with excitement because you get to create real impact doing what you love?

How about having a team by your side supporting that vision? 

So you can shine at what you do best.

How about having more time to spend with your family and not needing to rush out the door when the first birds sing, just to get to the office on time? (yawn!)

What about a mid-day yoga session and lunch?

After all - YOU are your biggest asset

and you know you can only pour from a full cup… 

With the right business model, you can have it ALL;

Time, Location & Financial


Image by Sean O.
Beautiful Beach Sunset.jpg you can book that plane ticket

(guilt free), that beach house

(hallo Hawaii),

...aaaand attend the epic

Better Business. Better Life 2020 Retreat

(get on the wait list here! It’s going to be awesome!)

So what's stopping you?

Is it the F-Bomb? (Gasp!)

Do you want to up-level your income?

Well obviously you answered YASSSSS!!! to all of the above.


False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

I’m here to tell you at that at the crossroad between Fear and Hustle, is the Struggle Bus.

 You can board it any time you like.

Most of the population already have a ticket.

And its free. 

But if jet-setting is more your style; 

Stop asking people on the struggle bus how to succeed, and start rubbing shoulders with other jet-setters, who know

Two Ladies Breakthrough Moment Looking O

Your MINDSET is. 

the sky isn't the limit. 

It's YOUR time to shine.

It’s time to embrace fear.

To fail forwards. To not settle.


It’s time to stop fearing mistakes and lean into your future.



Because Cinderella would never have become princess,

if she’d gone back for her shoe.

Because life is more than Saturdays and Sundays

and two weeks vacation a year.


Because YOU are not your job.

Lady Celebrating & filled With Abundance


Because this. is. that. moment.

The one you look back on as the defining moment, when you decided to change. EVERYTHING. 


Because the one’s who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do. 


Because I’m crazy. And if you’re here reading this - you probably are too.


CRAZY passionate

CRAZY bold

CRAZY beautiful

CRAZY dreamer

CRAZY action taker


I’m here to hold your hand as we dance to a new tune.


Let's build a business that gives you true time, location and financial freedom.

When You Choose Your Future.

Are You Ready?

 Because  this  is  that  MOMENT.


Let's Do This TOGETHER.

Because Even Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother

Hold out your hand. We'll do this together. Step.By.Step. 

Because every Visionary needs a Coach, Mentor, Cheerleader & Business Bestie

standing in their corner. 


Whether you need a Custom Blueprint (tailor-made to fit all your curves) 

Or you want EVERYTHING - the mindset, the strategy & ALL of the action...

I'll be right here with you,

Because Pandora's box has nothing on the

you're about to let loose on the world. 


Are You Ready...

How Can I Help You?

More Impact. More Time. More Adventure. More Money. More Freedom. It’s all possible for you...and more.

This is the only coaching experience you need to have you screaming
“I can’t believe this is my life!!” as we toast to you, your better business and your best life!

The Only Coaching You Need To Start, Grow & Scale Your Business!

High-Powered Female Entrepreneurs Raisin

The only Coaching & Mentorship Experience you need to build a better business for your best life! So you can have all the freedoms: More Impact. More Time. More Travel. More Money. More Joy! It’s all possible for you.... and more!

 If you're ready to transition from Employee to Boss or Solopreneur to Empire, this is the coaching experience to transform your business (and your life!)

Female Business Coach Workstation Flatla

The only intensive that deep dives YOUR biggest challenges in business.
(I Hear You!)

And gives you a step-by-step success pathway. 
(You’ll know exactly what to do!) 

Based on the four key ingredients of business 
(Every single 6/7 figure business has got these foundations in place!)

Let's create your Business Blueprint, fully customized to launch your business (&your life!) Here's to a new decade & a new business! 

Beautiful Feminine Desk With Plant, Pen

It's time to get visible. After all - if no one knows you exist, then you don't have a business! Together, we'll create your content mastery system. One where you always know exactly what to write. One where you can plan 3 months of content in as little as 2-3 hours. One that saves you time but gets you highly visible. And most importantly, a content mastery system, that feels good and has clients clamoring to work with you!



No more searching endlessly for clients. Your dream clients will find YOU! (Finally!)

Serving Drinks For Celebration.png

No Sales Means No Business. No more icky, sleazy, cheesy, awkward, mumbling selling. In this intensive we'll work together, step-by-step, to create a sales process that works in YOUR business. One where selling feels good to you & your clients. One that creates more cash + clients in your business. And One that gets you off the money rollercoaster and into a Purposeful, Profitable, Sustainable Business.


If You’re Oh So Ready To Create Big Impact & Earn Big Income Then This Intensive is For YOU. Because, Everybody wants to BUY. But Nobody Wants To Be Sold To.

Are You still on the BUS?

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round... (All Year Long.)

Leave The Baggage At The Door.jpg

I know what it’s like when you’re sitting on the struggle bus with ALL that luggage.


But today’s the day when you check your bags at the door.


You see, we all have beliefs, ideas, reasons for why things just aren’t possible for us. 


Easy for you to say. You had…

… The list is endless …

more money

more time

more experience

more support

a bigger network...

Change Your BELIEFS..

To Find Your Freedom.

Maybe you‘re telling yourself one of these things right now!


Is online even a real business? #toogoodtobetrue

I’m not a millennial, I can’t do all that online tech stuff.

I’m not on Instagram.

I Just Don't Know Enough.
I Don't Have Enough Time.
I Suck At Selling!

I work a full time job

I’m too old to make a career change.

I’m not a writer - everyone says I need content.

I Can't Find Clients.
I Can't Do This.
I'm Not Enough!


There Must Be Some Secret I’m Missing.
Birds Flying Representing Success.jpg
The TRUTH is:
There is no secret & all this
baggage is weighing on you. 
You Can't Fly...
...if you don't let go of what's holding you down.

So Honey, if you’re still going round and round on the struggle bus, 

It’s time for a 


No more limiting beliefs - it’s time to reframe them. 

Time to clear out all the blocks. To stop the self sabotage. To put your best foot forwards

(Cinderella Style).


Because, if you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them, you will never get the freedom you are craving.

Because you’ve got this.


If you choose it.

Business Coaching Hub In Bali.jpeg


Having all the freedom?

Time. Money. Impact. Adventure.           

So where do you want to be one year from now?


Waking up every day excited. Feeling like a Boss.

Running a successful business that lights you up
And makes a difference in people's lives.

Sipping martini’s with your girlfriends touring Italy. 

Cheering your son as he scores the winning touchdown.

Catching some surf because the waves are great and well mondays...

(Your business. Your life design.)

Or Stuck. In. The. Same. Place.


Still grinding away.

Still sitting in traffic.

Still dreaming of escape.

There’s only one thing between you and the dream future you want. 


Take the LEAP.
I’ll catch you.

Here’s how to know if we’re a GOOD FIT.

Does this sound like you?

Professional Young Woman

I don’t have a business Yet.”

  • "'I'm ready to leave my 9-5 without skipping a financial beat." (Yasss!)


  • "I have ideas. tons of them. But I need help figuring out how to get from idea to reality."


  • "I’m soooo ready to change. my. life. and stand fully in my power as a successful business woman, but I don’t know where to start?!

  • I need a custom blue-print and someone to show me how... "


  • "I'm ready to conquer all that uncertainty that fuels my anxiety and stops me in my tracks. I’m talking seismic shifts to move me from stuck to CEO."

Girl with Her Dog

"I started my business but it’s a freaking rollercoaster."

  • "I’m soooo tired of my mom asking when my business is going to make money (sigh)


  • "When given the choice between selling and having a tarantula crawl up my arm - I’m totally choosing the spider!"


  • "Content = Constant Overwhelm."

  • "I'm done with sticky-tape syndrome. No more downloading tons of freebies from 100+ gurus promising more gold than Alladn's cave but not delivering the results."

  • "Because the cookie-cutter approach is just so 2004."

  • Get me off the money rollercoaster & help me to start making bank. on repeat."

Freedom, Lady Loving Life & Business Suc

"I want it all and then some"

  • "I’m already successful. But I want more." (You need to forget everything you know and start again. No not from scratch. But queen, the mindset (and strategies) that took you from 0 - 6 figures aren't the same ones you need to reach multiple 7 figures.) ​

  • "I want everything: the branding, the visibility, the sales, the systems, the signature offerings, aaaaand the mindset.

Oh and it goes without saying - if you’re an entrepreneur at heart

then you don’t need to be told that you’ve got to put the work in because


All you really need to know is... 

‘Hustle’ is already your middle name. 

You’re building the 

 Right Business,

doing the right things. at the right time. with the right tools. 

With The Right Coach!


You need more than just a coach; you need a mentor, a friend, an oracle. Someone that can call you out on your mindset stuff, sprinkle some tough love, and gently nudge you out of your comfort zone.

Someone who can help you to execute like a BOSS (even when mercury is in retrograde);

A business bestie.

You need someone willing to throw on the pom poms and cheerlead you all the way to the finish line. (And then pop the champagne when you get there - cause every win deserves a celebration).


I've been where you are right now... Wondering if this is really possible. But I've learnt, that just behind 'Fear Mountain' lies a world of possibility. If you want it, you can have it.  


It won't be easy. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

But if you want to build a realbusiness. One that is truly purposeful, profitable and sustainable. Then it's time to make that choice. To just decide. And then to go all in. 

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me, and let's see how we can skyrocket your business. Because, the sky isn't the limit. Your mindset is. ​

I can't wait to talk to you! 

Hey, I'm Toni!

Musician, Traveler and Online Business Coach. 
Toni McMurray, Business & Mindset Coach.

How Can I   Help YOU?

Build A Better Business. For Your Best Life!

Blue Envelope, Writing Desk, Female Coac


"I signed my first paid 'high-ticket' coaching client after only 5 sessions with Toni! This after being stuck for months! 

Even after just one session, I got so much clarity around my offers and my customer journey funnel. It was just the thing I needed to make everything click and then continue working and executing on it."

- Megan

Laptop Lifestyle, Female Freelancer Work
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01

to change your Business (&Life!).

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