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But All That 'Sell-O-Phobia' has you STUCK.

You're Exceptional At


You know you bring incredible value to the table.

Clients really need what you have to offer…



No Sales, Means No Business.





In fact if given the choice, between having a tarantula crawl along your arm and having to get on a sales call, you’re picking the tarantula!!!!

Hands down!!!

The Only Thing You Know About Selling,

Is That You Don't. Know. Anything.

You hate SALES.

Selling is just plain icky.

You don’t want to feel like that cheesy, sleezy, second-hand car salesman. 

You don’t want to feel like the awkward bumbling nerd, asking out the high-school prom queen. 

And you definitely don’t want to be like that MLM friend you have on FB that annoys everyone by posting incessantly.

You Wish People Just Knew How Awesome You Are!

And that they would come running to you (like Allie runs to Noah in The Notebook).


Every time you get on a sales call, you keep hearing about how...

Even worse...

The ghosting that leaves you feeling like you have the bubonic plague. (Ouch!)


Having all that on repeat can make your self esteem & confidence

plummet faster than the Wall Street Stock Exchange on Black Monday.

“It’s just not the right time,”

“I just don't have the money right now.”

“I’ll have to check with my husband.”

Everywhere you look, everyone else is killing it!

They seem to have it all.

You have it ALL too.

All the bills. All the credit card-debt. All the FEAR. 


2 weeks paid vacation and sick leave, 

with a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month,

is looking pretty good right now...

You’re not so sure you’re cut out for this whole 'Entrepreneur Thing' anymore...

You are not ALONE.

Hey, I'm Toni… 

I know how icky the sales process can feel.


I hated selling. I would do anything to avoid selling. Anything.

So much so that I even closed down one of my businesses, before it got off the ground, 

because I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of that selling thing.



Today, I’m a master at sales.

and I help other entrepreneurs to master the art of selling as well.


You see, everything changed for me,

when I realized that selling is not about being pushy and sleazy. 

You have to sell from a place of service. 


Because Selling is Serving. 

Selling is Solving Problems.


I’ve been able to use my experience to create a sales process

that feels good and makes bank on repeat.  


I know you want the same.


Close your eyes and just IMAGINE.


A simple sales process that has you making bank on repeat.

Having authentic, heart-centred conversations that show your clients your true value, so that the only thing they’ll say at the end of the call is “yes! Omg, yes!”

Having income and impact - because it is possible to have both.

Feeling confident in everything - your message, your offer, your pricing - everything.

Getting clients that are a good fit for you.

Being super successful in your business, so much so that your friends and family change their tune from ‘she’s just chasing a hobby’ to “can you show me how to do what you do... I want me some of that!”

Are You Ready To SELL

In A Way That Feels Good To You?


WEBSITE headers 1.002.png

Toni McMurray

takes you step-by-step through everything you need to create a sales process that works in YOUR business. 

The Secret To Sales Mastery™

:: One where selling feels good to you & your clients

:: One that creates more cash + clients in your business.  

:: One that gets you off the money rollercoaster and into a

Purposeful, Profitable, Sustainable Business.

If You’re Oh So Ready To Create Big Impact & Earn Big Income

ThenThis Intensive is For YOU. 




Attract Dream Clients.

Qualify Leads

Master Discovery Calls

Handle Objections 

Own Your Value

Make The Sale

No more feeling sleazy, awkward, or unsure of what to say.

No more sales scripts that just don’t feel authentic and align with your values. 

No more pushing, scaring, forcing, hoping, wishing...

Because a wise fortune teller once said: 

Everybody wants to BUY.

But Nobody Wants To Be Sold To.

So if you’re ready to help your clients buy, without being all sales-y

then jump on a call and let’s see how the The Secret To Sales Mastery™ can help you.

Walk Away With:


Your Value Message - documented - so you can clearly communicate your awesomeness to your clients. 

A Product Ladder that ensures your current clients have a success growth path to follow. 

Pricing that aligns with the value you bring to the world.

A Custom Blueprint of your entire sales process - one that feels good & serves both you & your potential clients. 


Your Pre-session Questionnaire completed so you know exactly how to serve your client and deliver an ace sales call

A list of Common Objections and examples on how to handle them. 

Role-play overcoming objections - practice with me.


A list of your favorite questions to ask during a sales call so you have to guide you without being a robot.

Follow-Up Email Swipe Files and Lead Tracking Sheets so you don’t leave money hiding in the follow-ups.


Confidence in every step of the process - from before the call, to closing the sale.

Are you ready to have IMPACT & INCOME serving your dream clients?

Make Me The Queen Of Sales!

How It Works:

You & Me. And A 3 Hour Deep-Dive Intensive.

so you can bypass information overload and go straight to having ALL the time and ALL the support you need to master the Secrets of Sales.

Your intensive will be split into four bite-size sessions,


(X1) 60 minute kick-start session to understand your business, and map out your custom sales blueprint.

(X2) 45 minute action sessions to help you to master the sales call and practice handling objections.

(X1) 30 minute follow up session to close out your plan & ensure you’re fully equipped to master your sales process. 


Access to me on Voxer to support you in actioning your to-do’s between sessions. 


$999 (Paid in full) or 2 payments of $519.



Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01
Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 10.57.01

to change your Business (&Life!).

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