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The Caterpillar's Cure For Imposter Syndrome.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The Entrepreneurial Jungle.

You know you’ve been welcomed into the Entrepreneurial jungle, when that itchy, annoying rash starts creeping up your collar bone, turning your face flush and screaming IMPOSTER. All while you cling desperately to the hope that your sweet talking words and your powdered foundation have got you COVERED. "Oh, I can totally help you with that," "I’m your gal” you gush to your clients, while the voice in your head calls you a fraud. a liar. an imposter.

Chasing That Little Pill.

We’ve all been there before. Chasing that little pill - the one that magically removes the rash and banishes Imposter Syndrome forever.

The problem is, that little pill doesn’t exist.

You see, when you’re a service-based entrepreneur - the challenge keeps changing.

It’s not like that with product based businesses. Sure, in the beginning you may feel like an imposter. But once things are happening, and you sell yet another bottle of home-made marmalade jam - well, the recipe is always the same, the client always expects the same taste and you just put the system on rinse and repeat.

But with a service based business every. single. client. is different.

and has different needs.

and those needs keep changing and evolving.

And just when you think you’ve got things down, those sneaky beads of sweat cling to your forehead as you realize that Imposter Syndrome is back. again.

So What’s The Cure?

So how do we handle it. What’s the cure? Well, the Caterpillar has known the secret for ages.

Trust in your talent. Your thing. Your magical gift. When you know what you’re good at it - then you’ll know you can figure it out for your client. The Caterpillar's magic lies within. And he doesn’t need anything else to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

I’ll say this again because it’s worth repeating. The secret is being confident enough to know that you have everything you need to create a total transformation - to make magic - to help the clients you serve to become the butterfly.

Mindset Gurus Call This ENOUGH-ness.

Mindset gurus call this ENOUGH-ness.

You see, when I worked as a consultant to corporates - I always has this horrible feeling of being an imposter. of not knowing enough. of not being able to deliver. I’d often leave meetings feeling like I’d just made a promise to deliver something spectacular, something amazing, some business-changing solution of the century. Only to be met with the realization that I had no idea what that even looked like. Or where to start.

I remember my first ever major meeting. With three directors leading the way and a room filled with representatives from the client, I felt like a tiny ant witnessing a meeting between giants.

When we walked out of the meeting, one of the directors turned to the other and said - so you know what we have to do right? You got all that stuff... right? and the other director laughed and said - I have no clue - I thought you knew…

Even The Giants Were Suffering From Imposter Syndrome.

And just like that I had an epiphany - I realized that even the giants were suffering from Imposter Syndrome.

BUT, they knew the caterpillars secret. that they had the magic inside them. that they could figure it out and create the transformation their clients needed.

So… I finally got comfortable not knowing everything.

When I was asked to create training programs, or launch new strategies in marketing, selling, logistics & customer experience, things that I hadn’t studied and wasn’t necessarily an expert in; the only promise I made to my clients, was this:

My Gift is to Simplify Complex Things.

My gift is to simplify complex things. We’re going to work through this together. I’m going to ask you lots of questions about your business. Humour me. When I can understand everything as perfectly as a 7th grader, then anyone can understand… which means we’ve hit the eureka moment and our messaging is perfect.

You see, I believe that people want to know that you are real, that you also have challenges, that you don’t have all the answers, BUT that you’re damn good at finding solutions, that you have their back and that together, you can achieve miracles. Not the kind where you hold all the answers; the kind where you understood how to unlock the answers that already lay inside of them. The kind where you speak their language and really ‘get' them.

Because it doesn’t matter that you’re a fashion designer and I can’t sew a single stitch, or a yoga coach and I can’t do a headstand (yet) - because I don’t have to know how to do your thing - I just need to know how to do mine - and my thing - is unlocking your genius and helping you to create purposeful, profitable & sustainable business. Because I'm hella good at branding, ops, sales, & self-development - I should be after years of doing it for major corporate clients - all the things that you really need to build a better business for a better life.

I’m Not An Imposter, I’m A Fairy Godmother.

So next time you ask me if I’ve worked with an A-list author and I say no - what I really mean is - if I was an A-list author, I wouldn’t be an A-list business coach - so do you need someone to help you write the first chapter of your book, or do you need someone to help you rocket your business? Cause honey, I’m not an imposter, just because I’ve never helped an author before - I’m a fairy godmother. because when I unlock the magic you already have, so you can shine, you’ll be transformed. Like a Caterpillar. Into a Butterfly.

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever.

Want to banish Imposter Syndrome forever? Join me for the ultimate Imposter Syndrome Busting Challenge. We’ll go deep. We’ll find your magic. We’ll transform and at the end - you’ll know you can take on anything - "Imposter who? I’m a BOSS." Let’s do it.

Challenge goes live 9 December. Sign Up At The Link Below.

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