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Master Chef For A Master Business.

Get your ingredients right and you’ll have more clients faster than Gordan Ramsey can whip up a batch of ‘oh-so-yum' blueberry pancakes.

Now, let me be clear. I’m no Dorian Hunter. (AKA Winner of Master Chef USA 2019). In fact if there was a Worst Chef competition, I’d definitely win that one! 

Aaaaand the award goes to Toni for blowing up a boiled egg

(Yaaaassss, I have actually done this! You see, I have incredible focus when it comes to my designs aaand I was only going to finish something for just two minutes before I checked on the eggs, buuuuut I got sucked into my world and 30 mins later my kitchen was painted in eggshell… Not my favourite form of redecorating. On the bright side my client loved her artwork!!!)  So why all the cooking talk? Well, the thing is:

I've learnt that building a business is actually pretty similar to becoming a master chef. 

  1. You Need A Recipe. One that covers all the foundations. 

  2. You need top quality ingredients. The better quality you put in - the better quality you get out.

  3. Follow the same recipe consistently for perfect results every time.

  4. Aaaand, when you’ve mastered the basics and you’re churning out a perfect pot roast every single time.  That’s when you need to level up and get creative with your secret sauce - aka your signature offerings. Experimentation is key at this stage. 

  5. Aaaand when you finally hit on your signature master formula - it’s time to share it with the world.

  6. Don’t be surprised when Gordon Ramsey crowns you the next Master Chef ( or clients are clamoring to work with you) because well honey, you’ve got that thing… the X-Factor…. results for your clients, every. single. time.

Then business is as easy as following a recipe. And I love to share this with my clients. A cupful of branding. Two cupfuls of content. A sprinkling of operations. Three Tablespoons of Sales. A dash of Mindset. All finished off with your perfect signature offering and a splash of YOU. Served on a plate full of results.   Want to master you business for 2020? There’s only 2 days left for you to apply to be one of four ladies who will be spending four sessions with me one-on-one putting together their 2020 Business Blueprint.  Apply Here:

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