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Not All Coaches Are Created Equal. Have You Got The Right Coach For You?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

To Play Amongst The Best, You Need To Learn From The Best. Learn I once heard a story that really resonated with me. It compelled me to make sure I was always learning from the best, reading their books, listening to their podcasts, taking their courses and investing in coaching.

  • Because you can’t sit down with a president, but you can read his book.

  • Because you can’t ask Tony Robbins to coach you privately, but you can attend his events.

Because a coach can take you so much further, so much faster, than you ever thought possible.

It’s Story Time:

There once were two families living in Texas. Both fathers had daughters in the 8th grade and both daughters were excellent tennis players.

One day, Chris and Paul were chatting about how expensive college was. Chris mentioned that he was planning to hire a coach for his daughter Amy. His idea was that a coach could take her game to pro level and she would then be able to attend college on a scholarship.

Paul thought that was a great idea and decided to hire a coach for his daughter Sarah as well.

Chris hired the best coach he could find in the state. He could barely afford it and his wife wasn’t so happy, about all the budget cutting they needed to do, to be able to hire this A-league coach.

Paul was a little more conservative and signed up with the local coach in the neighbourhood.

Both Amy and Sarah’s game improved.

About 6 months into the coaching, Chris and Paul were watching Amy and Sarah at a friendly match. Chris mentioned to Paul that he felt Sarah was coming into the serve wrong. He mentioned that this was something his coach had corrected with Amy. The coach had said it could result in an injury if Amy continued.

But, Paul ignored Chris’ warning. He believed that Sarah’s coach would have said something if it was important.

A few months later, Sarah, tore the ligaments in her shoulder. She never recovered fully.

She would always be a good player. But she would never become an A-League player.

Four years later, Amy won a full scholarship to college, setting her up for a future in pro-tennis and academics.

The Moral Of The Story:

- A coach can see things you can’t.

- A coach can save you from making mistakes that could slow you down or even cause you to quit.

Not All Coaches Are Created Equal.

Have you got the right coach for you? It can make all the difference. Share with us how you go about selecting the best coach for you in the comments below!

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