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#DAY3  #CTCChallenge

DAY 1:

How to create personal content that builds genuine connection and positions you as the person they just have to work with!

And I’ll be sharing my bonus Visibility Mindset Blocks workbook so you can bust through your biggest visibility blocks!

DAY 2.png

DAY 2:

How to leverage inspirational content to be your BIGGEST client attraction magnet, when you do it right!

DAY 3.png

DAY 3:

How to share your credibility and give your clients a sense of comfort in whipping out their credit cards to BUY from you & work with you!

DAY 4.png

DAY 4:

How to become the go-to expert in your field! Not just a snooze-fest professor, but the person EVERYONE wants to work with!

DAY 5 .png

DAY 5:

How to write strong sales posts aaand how to navigate those pesky FB rules so you can show up and share your exciting offers and start making more SALES!


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