5 Genius Hacks To Creating Content That Converts. 

In This Content That Converts Challenge You Learn Exactly How To Generate High-Quality Leads and Convert Them Into Paying Clients!

Take a look at any successful entrepreneur and you'll see the number one thing they have in common is kickass content! And that content creates magic in their business.
E.g. They have WAITLISTS - Clients who are literally paying money to WAIT to work with them. The only difference between them and you, is that their content CONVERTS. and yours can too! 

There are tons of people out there searching for your exact services.

They either:
  • Just haven't found you yet 
  • Don't know you can help them, or
  • Aren't convinced you're the best solution to their problem - yet! 
Join Toni McMurray in this free online 5 day challenge to learn her fav genius hacks to creating content that converts so you can start attracting more of your dream clients and start filling that waitlist. 

You'll Discover...



How to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your field... and clearly communicate your value to your clients so that have to work with YOU!


How to map out 6 months of content in less than two hours...no more overwhelm!

How to get engagement on your posts and open the conversations that
lead to CLIENTS!


The #1 content hack that takes seconds to implement and adds serious zeros to the number of high value leads you get in your business...  

5 Genius Hacks To Creating

  Content That Converts


27 APRIL 2020  I  9AM EST

This Challenge is for You if...

  • You're struggling to consistently find clients online. I'll show you how to stop the endless search and get clients to start finding you.

  • Feeling like somebody said posting was how you make money.. so here you are posting your days (and life!) away with little results...  I'll share how you can stop posting content for content's sake and start creating content that converts.

  • Not sure whatwhere, or how often you should be posting online? 
    Let's debunk the top myths and get you focused on what it really takes to get your clients to know you, like you, trust you and want to buy from you! 


  • Feeling overwhelmed by how much time content takes to create, schedule and post?
    Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to more time to focus on the important things, like serving your clients, doing the things you love and of course enjoying LIFE because isn't that why you started a business in the first place?


  • Not seeing engagement and CONVERSION from your content? 
    It's time to create content that rocks you and your client's world... and gets them wanting more... and more... all the way to the front of your WAITLIST line. Because you've got the transformation they want and NEED and they only want to work with YOU!


I struggled to find my niche in 2019 and my clients were not the desired ones. This week, I discovered my niche and the next steps. Your training material is super elevating & powerful! Can only recommend it to all my peers.

- Joanna

Meet Your Coach, Toni! 
Toni is also the founder and CEO of iCrea8te, a Business Management Consultancy working with international conglomerates.
She uses her behind the scenes of knowledge of what goes into
marketing, sales, operations and the CEO mindset,
inside of successful 
Billion Dollar Companies, to coach service-based online entrepreneurs to build their own purposeful, profitable & sustainable businesses.

Toni is a Business & Mindset coach to entrepreneurs wanting to build a business that they are wildly passionate about and that brings in serious bank!​



Starts: APRIL 27.

The Only Challenge You Need 

To Create Content That Converts

So You Can Bring More Cash & Clients

Into Your Business!

Stop searching for clients and let your dream clients find you. (finally!)