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Tired of working for free? Hustling endlessly?
Want to hit $10k months before the end of the year?
In this challenge I'm sharing the top 5 SALES ACTIVITIES you need to be focused on if you want to make bank this year!

You've been working. HARD.
LONG. hours.
And you're not seeing the RESULTS. 

The only thing you're feeling right now is BURNT.OUT, 

disappointed and super frustrated.

Can someone please just tell you what to do already?! 

In fact, if you're completely honest, booking out your business
with clients, feels harder than learning Chinese or Greek right now.

(Heck making a sale before the end of 2020 kinda feels impossible.) 

If you had a penny for every tissue you've used for your ugly cry meltdowns, this-business-thing-isn't-working, must-be-me, what-am-I-doing-wrong? moment, you'd have made that $10k already and then some!

So, what gives!?

Everyone else seems to be crushing it online.

And all the business coaches keep saying the same thing... 

Want to hit $10k months? 
Do these 4 things:


Get visible with incredible content.

But you keep writing content and no one is biting. Crickets anyone?

Get your mindset aligned.
Yip, you've tried that whole journal yourself to 6-figures and stand on your head stuff, wait maybe not the stand on the head thing, buuut tarrot cards and all the woo woo stuff... you're still waiting for results though...

Ask for the sale.
I mean I've shared my offers in a few threads. That's asking right?

Or the biggie - focus on sales generating activities.  
Yeah yeah, of course, wait, what are those sales activities again? I mean exactly, like in a checklist...

Like, you already KNOW you're supposed to be doing more of those supposed "SALES GENERATING ACTIVITIES" in your business,
but aside from writing content and spamming the DMs,
you're really not sure WTF you're supposed to be doing to hit those $10k months??! 
(heck, you'd be over the moon hitting $5k - shhh - I won't tell.) 



Which is why, in this challenge,
I'm breaking down exactly what those
sales activities are.

And how you can start making sales without the icky-ness. Without the burn.out.


By the time we're done,
know what you need to be doing daily
to sign that next client, hit that
$10k month
and end 2020 on a bang!

It's been a hell of a year, one for the history books... but instead of looking back and remembering covid or the election, let's make it one to remember as the one where YOU started kicking ass in your business!

One where you transformed your business into a 
Purposeful. Profitable. Sustainable. Business.
One that Makes More Impact. More Income and More Joy.  
 In This FREE Masterclass You Will Learn Exactly How To Generate High-Quality Leads & Convert Them Into Paying Clients!

You Will Discover...



The 5 Types of content you must have to turn your audience into paying clients  


How to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your field... and clearly communicate your value to your clients so that have to work with YOU!

Why content is your secret weapon to banish that "icky-sales" feeling forever and sell in a way that has your clients closing the sale for you!  

 This Masterclass is for You if...

  • You're struggling to consistently find clients online. I'll show you how to stop the endless search & get clients to start finding you with an irresistible freebie!

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by all the new skills you need - like copywriting and design... oh the many hats you are wearing these days makes this whole thing feel hard.  I'll share how you can create simple, beautiful opt-in's that you can feel proud of. And I'll share top copywriting tips to make them convert. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed by how much time it takes to grow your business?
    We'll get laser focused with tasks you can execute daily. At the end of the week, after spending approx 1 hour a day, you'll have a hotter than Ryan Gosling Freebie for all your potential clients to swoon over.

Meet Your Coach, Toni! 
Toni is a Business & Mindset coach to entrepreneurs wanting to build a business that they are wildly passionate about and that brings in serious bank!​

Toni is also the founder and CEO of iCrea8te, a Business Management Consultancy working with international conglomerates.
She uses her behind the scenes of knowledge of what goes into
marketing, sales, operations and the CEO mindset, inside of successful 
Billion Dollar Companies, to coach service-based online entrepreneurs to build their own purposeful, profitable & sustainable businesses.






Seriously, I've been told I am CRAZY for sharing this for Free! I know I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for what I'm sharing. Aaaand I'm breaking it down workshop style!

Here's the deal, I want to empower more people to build Purposeful, Profitable and Sustainable Businesses so you can actually enjoy your life! So if that sounds like you, then come join us!

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