Client  Attraction 



 Toni McMurray

You’ll Learn The Top 5 Things You Need In Place To Attract Your Dream Clients
So You Can Stop The Endless Search & Have Your Ideal Clients Finding You!!!

PLUS:  You’ll Walk Away With My Client Attraction Map, A Step-by-Step Action Plan,

To Get You More Clients & More Cash In Your Business Right Now!

The Ultimate

 Client  Attraction Map 


Are You Ready to start 2020 with a Business & Your Ideal Clients?


The Only Challenge You Need To Bring More Cash & Clients Into Your Business!

The #1 thing that
every business needs

Stop searching for clients and let your dream clients find you. (finally!)

You’ll walk away from this challenge knowing
exactly how to attract your dream clients:


  • The ones who ‘just-have-to’ work with you! 

  • The ones who love your products & offers & keep coming back for more. 

  • The ones you love working with, because you can create huge impact & get great results, while enjoying what you’re doing. 

  • The ones who actually pay your worth - not just offer a free lunch in return

Not only that, but you’ll walk away with it all documented - in the ultimate client attraction map. So you can refer to it anytime!

You’ll want to keep this map handy for the future, when you're building your marketing plan, creating content and getting on sales calls, because it contains all the secrets, to ensure you’re speaking to the right clients, with the right message - clearly communicating your value!!!

“ Get this right and you’ll be an irresistible magnet
for clients who just find you!" 


Get this wrong and you’ll be pulling your hair out wondering if this business thing
is even for you because it’s just so stressful!



Without them, you have a hobby - not a business.
With them, you open the door to freedom!

Getting clear on who my ideal client is and where to find them, has changed my business (and my life!) 

These days I only work with clients I know I can get awesome results for, clients I resonate with, & clients who are a good fit. This really gave me more freedom and more enjoyment in my business, and I know it can do the same for you too!


So, if you want all the Insider Secrets on how to attract your best clients,
Without all the hoping and wishing (not to mention the Santa letter writing), 
Then this is the challenge that will help you to get those results!!! 


  • Even if you’re brand new in business...

  • Even if you’re still working a 9-5, and you want to build a business on the side...

  • Even if you’ve never had a client before...

  • Even if you’re wanting to double or triple your current number of clients...

  • Especially if you’re ready to start making sustainable income each month!!!